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  • Welcome to the Team Human Community Forum!

    Welcome To Team Human's Community Forum!

    Autonomous technologies, runaway markets, and weaponized media have overturned civil society, paralyzing our ability to think constructively, connect meaningfully, or act purposefully. Being human is a team sport, and Douglas Rushkoff's Team Human Podcast and radio show has been the voice of human intervention in the machine.

    Join the party, find the others, throw off the yoke of surveillance and manipulation and celebrate the quirky, anomalous behaviors and approaches that make real people so much more than robots, algorithms, or consumer profiles. This is where the conscious beats the automatic - an opportunity to redesign reality on our own terms.

    Team Human's forum is a medium in which you can find the others, discuss shows, and connect meaningfully. It is exclusively available to Drip and Patreon supporters.

    Whether you are a Team Human patron, a first-time listener, or someone interested in the community, we welcome all folks to join our community. Your generous and ongoing support allows us to cover the expenses associated with producing the show, live events, and all associated costs.

    Guests and First-Time Visitors

    If you are already a show patron, you may register for an account via the top navigation bar. You will be prompted to confirm your email before an administrator confirms you are a show patron. Once you are approved you will be able to view all forums and instantly engage with other users.

    If you are a guest, you will only be able to view this forum and its associated announcements.

    Thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy the forum!
    If you have any questions, kindly email: